Estas son las fotos ganadoras del National Geographic Traveler 2016. Uno de los más importantes y reconocidos premios a la fotografía de viajes, el «National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year» ya ha sido concedido y aquí os dejamos una serie de fotografías galardonadas. A veces no hace falta llevar un equipo profesional para capturar un momento o un lugar impresionante.

National Geographic Traveler 2016


Winter Horseman

Winter Horseman. Photo and caption by Anthony Lau

The winter in Inner Mongolia is very unforgiving. At a freezing temperature of minus 20 and lower, with a constant breeze of snow from all directions, it was pretty hard to convince myself to get out of the car and take photos. I saw horsemen showing off their skills and commanding the steed from a distance. I quickly grabbed my telephoto lens and captured the moment when one of the horsemen charged out from the morning mist.

Remote life

Remote Life. Photo and caption by Mattia Passarini

An old woman in a remote village in Himachal Pradesh, India, carries a big log back home to warm up her house.


Wherever you go, I will follow

Wherever You Go, I Will Follow. Photo and caption by Hiroki Inoue

It was when I drove back home feeling disappointed with the fact that I had finished the day in vain without any anticipated subject that I heard the joyful voice from the car window like “quack, quack!” There they were: red foxes. Around the end of the winter, they meet the season of love; they care for and love each other enough to make us jealous.

Double Trapping

Double Trapping. Photo and caption by Massimiliano Bencivenni

I was in the Brazilian Pantanal along the Rio Negrinho. I realized that the river, at certain points of the loops, created places where there were many yacare caimans. I saw a yacare sink suddenly, and I immediately looked for the best location to photograph when it resurfaced. The whole thing lasted only a fraction of a moment.

Ben Youssef

Ben Youssef. Photo and caption by Takashi Nakagawa

Marrakesh, Morocco, is an exciting city for any traveler, but I was tired of walking on the crowded street and being asked for money from local people, so I was looking for a place to settle down. Even though there were a lot of people in Ben Youssef Madrasa, it was still a more quiet and relaxing place than outside. Suddenly a beautiful reflection appeared on the shallow pool when I was taking a rest.


Silenced. Photo and caption by Wing Ka H.

This photo was taken on my last trip to Guangzhou, China. This place is the school dormitories of South China Normal University. When I was hanging around, most of them were taking a break. After lunchtime, they needed to go back to study.


Os ha parecido impresionante, ¿no?, pues no os digo nada de lo que podéis hacer vosotros con vuestra cámara semiprofesional o incluso con vuestro móvil. A veces es suficiente con mirar bien, tener gusto estético y claro está, un poco de suerte.  Aquí os dejamos el ENLACE para que podáis ver todos los ganadores del concurso. A disfrutar.